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Adverse Weather Conditions
Rum Factory, 2015

 Series of drawings and light sculptures referencing our scientific interest and pyschological response to weather.

Paper, fabric, paint, light fittings, 2015

Continuing to explore the psychology of light, this series of painted 'wallpaper' lamps integrates the light into the confusing fabric of the  space it inhabits



One for the Frog
Installation detail, 2014


One for the Frog is an interactive installation by w20 Studio, a collaboration between artists Kirsty Lowry and Liam Jolly.


Thunder Cocktail

with speakers built into the modified cocktail glasses, the sound and vibration of thunder pervades your senses as you raise the grey cocktail to your lips.



Lightening Table

Interactive table - touching on any area of the conductive paint circuit, integrated into the screenprinted surface design, triggers a hidden flash gun, a light momentarily fills your vision, then disappears


Storm Lamp
Steel, brass, paint, bulbs & speakers, 2014

Speakers inegrated into the body of the handmade wall lamps interrupts the familiarity of the domestic objects with the threatening (or calming) rumble of thunder


Flying with sparks & mist
installation designs, 
digital sketches, 2013

Project testing elemental properties

of sparks and mist.


Exploring environmental and elemental factors, particularly negative ion generation, alongside considerations of anxiety and wellbeing.



Gravis: electric prints

These weather sketches form part of an investigation into our psychological responses to severe weather events.


The project uses the conductive qualities of graphite, testing ways of attaching simple electric circuitry to pass a current through the drawn graphite.


A professional development bursary from Visual Arts South West supported the development of this body of work into a series of ‘electric prints’, using screenprinted conductive paint, show as part of 'One for the Frog'.


Light Cafe

Card, canvas tape, steel, 6400k light bulbs
CAZ Weekender Residency, 2013

As an extention of the previous Light Café this expanded installation formed the backdrop to a public event held at CAZ project space, Penzance.


The event, produced by the artist in association with CAZ, invited pyschologist Dr Rebecca Jelbert to speak on her experience of light therapy as a way of treating depression. 


The audience, which included invited members of the local Cafe Scientifique, joined conversations around notions of 'wellbeing' as a complex concern worthy of research and application.




Light Cafe
Card, washi tape, steel, 6400k light bulbs
MRA Project Space, London 2012


Light Café investigates the neurological and psychological affects of light.


By making the audience aware of their own perception and experience within an installation the artist encourages them to consider how they feel and why they feel in relation to environmental factors. 



Uncertain Space

Photographic collage, 2012/13

Works on paper investigating ambiguity

and disorientation in the built environment.

Uncertain Space

Print series

Double Elephant workshops, 2013

Experimental print series produced as part of Double Elephant National Bursary Award residency.

Experiments in Unease & Order

Wood, resin & fabricated rain

Back Lane West, 2011


Installation exploring the interplay between experiences of unease or anxiety and our need to find ways to achieve a sense of order and control in our lives and surroundings.


The work experiments with the intrusion of fabricated rain into a section of an interior, domestic space. The rain sets up a duality, at once creating a threat to the expected shelter and safety of the domestic space, whilst offering a kind of calming or meditative beauty. 


A sound work also affects the space. A subwoofer plays a 17hz infrasonic tone into the room. This extreme bass sound, below our audible range, has been scientifically attributed to inducing a sense of unease or anxiety.

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